About Me

Hi! I’m studying EECS at UC Berkeley and am advised by Kurt Keutzer. My interests are primarily in vision and language, building multimodal systems for robotics and other problems! This past summer, I was a research scientist with the Core Imaging team at insitro 🧬


  • May 2024: LLMCompiler has been accepted to ICML 2024! See you in Vienna!
  • December 2023: Our LLMCompiler pre-print has been released!
  • July 2023: Accepted into EECS Honors Program.
  • May 2023: I’m now a research scientist at insitro with the Core Imaging team in the DS/ML division performing target validation with DINO and transformer autoencoders. My work is advised by Tommaso Dreossi.
  • May 2023: I’m now the Head of Education at Launchpad! I’m responsible for all educational content and am working to open source our curriculum! Keep an eye out for our content in the months to come!
  • Jan. 2023: My internship at Everyday Robots (Google X) has been cancelled due to the entire project being shut down. I was going to work with the semantics team on natural language and object manipulation tasks.

If you’d like to discuss potential research opportunities or have any questions, please reach out to me via email. Thank you!